Folk Dance New ZealandNZ folk dance directory

The Society for International Folk Dancing – UK-based International folk dance promotion organisation (akin to FDNZ in New Zealand)

Society of Folk Dance Historians Рinformative site covering an extensive list of folk dances

Folk Dance Federation of California – extensive archive of dance notes, etc

Ruritanian International Folkdance Club – Auckland-based folk dance information, diary, etc


Costumes, audio, songs, instruments, etc:

Balkanfolk.comcompany in Sofia/Bulgaria selling folk costumes, music, instruments etc. from the Balkans

MIT Songbook – a huge collection, by MIT, of folk song lyrics (with English translations) from around the world

Macedonian Folk Songs – an immense collection of Macedonian songs

Folklore Songbook – large collection of songs for folk dances (site in German, but easily navigated)

Eliznik Romania – lots of information about Romanian dance and ethnography, including costumes

Musica Balkanica – Christchurch-based choir specialising in music from the Balkans, folk & sacred