Do I have to have previous experience?

No. We try to choose the dances to match the level of experience of those who are present. Beginners are always welcome.


Do I have to bring a partner?

No. Most of the dances don’t require partners. For those dances which do we can usually work things out.


Do I have to become a member?

You may choose to become a member, but this is optional (and currently costs $5 per year).


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes (no stiletto heels, please!) Flat or low-heeled shoes are good, with enough grip for a wooden floor. Some people like to wear trainers, but try to avoid soles with a strong grip.


Do I have to participate in presentations / performances?

No, definitely not. People are invited to perform by the instructor, and this is entirely voluntary.


Where does the name “Farandol” come from?

Farandol is named after the Farandole, an old courtly dance from Western Europe. We chose this name because we liked its sound, not because of any particular connections between historical dance and Farandol’s repertoire.


What age group does this group suit?

Anyone from teenagers upwards is welcome. The class is not intended for children but if a child in the 10-12 age group is really interested they could come with an adult to give it a try.


What level of fitness is needed?

Our repertoire ranges from gentle dances at a walking pace to very vigorous ones. People can join in or sit out as they choose.


Is there someone who will teach newcomers?

The instructor will include more teaching or walk- throughs of dances if a newcomer is present. We encourage new people to join in, as it is the best way of learning.


What happens on a typical evening?

We start with some easy warm-up dances, then move on to teaching or revision. After a short break at about 8.30 the rest of the evening is for requests.